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On November 20, 2009, THOMSON, ROGERS issued a national Class Action lawsuit on behalf of Canadians with Parkinson's disease and/or other medical conditions who allege to have developed compulsive behaviour such as pathological gambling, as a result of their use of the drug ReQuip, a dopamine agonist. The Class Action claim seeks millions of dollars in compensation from the Canadian drug manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
The representative plaintiff, Mr. Octavian Grosu from Brampton, Ontario, gambled compulsively while taking ReQuip and lost more than $250,000. Many more Canadians are believed to have suffered a similar experience and ReQuip’s product monograph was changed in late 2008 to refer to a potential risk of impulse control symptoms including compulsive behavior such as pathological gambling and hypersexuality. Medical reports have linked dopamine agonists, such as ReQuip, to compulsive behaviour including compulsive gambling.

If you would like to notify Health Canada of side effects you have experienced as a result of the use of ReQuip, please call the Health Canada Adverse Reaction Reporting Centre at their tollfree number, 1-866-234-2345.

This Class Action has not yet been certified.

If you’d like to learn more about this class action, please contact Darcy Merkur via e-mail or through our toll-free number 1-888-223-0448. Locally, in the Toronto area, you may call 416-868-3176.

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