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Articling at Thomson, Rogers

Summer Program

A student in our summer program will participate in all of the activities of our articling program, subject to the restrictions on court appearances as set out by the Law Society. Applications for 2020 summer students who have commenced their second year of law school will be accepted until 5:00 pm on Friday, October 4, 2019. Applications should include a cover letter, resume, law school transcripts, undergraduate transcript and reference letters. Applications can be emailed to:


Why Thomson, Rogers

For over 70 years, Thomson, Rogers has been recognized as one of the leading litigation law firms in Canada. It is Ontario’s largest personal injury firm.

We believe that our unique articling program will best prepare students to become first-class advocates; future associates and eventually partners with our firm. The program is advocacy based where students learn by doing. We believe in teaching our students advocacy skills and allowing them to utilize these skills through practical and increasingly complex courtroom experiences.

What will you learn

The lawyers at Thomson, Rogers take great pride in being able to delegate high-level work to the articling students. In this environment, the learning curve is high, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Students experience hands on learning by assisting lawyers prepare for trials, mediations, arbitrations and hearings and often accompany them. Our students regularly appear before the Superior Court of Justice and argue motions weekly.

Students are exposed to every aspect of litigation, including meeting and dealing with clients and other lawyers, drafting materials and attending in Court.

We begin the student experience with a series of seminars focused on the practical aspects of procedural and substantive law. These seminars are fundamental to our tradition of cooperation, dialogue, and mentorship and are in addition to our regular continuing legal education series and third party seminars.

Our education plan sets out the program in more detail.

How are you rewarded

Beyond a great articling experience, salary at Thomson, Rogers is competitive with other major, Toronto law firms and includes payment of the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Bar Admission Course. In addition, students will be entitled to a full benefits package and a subsidized fitness membership. Students are given ten paid vacation days during their articling term.

Who is Thomson, Rogers looking for

We consider our articling program our future partner recruitment program. Thomson, Rogers looks for confident, well-spoken students who show potential to become superior litigators and advocates. Our students must be able to thrive under pressure and have excellent analytical and communication skills. A diverse life experience is a definite asset. We want students who are critical thinkers, know the law and have great empathy; in short, a student who can develop into a great advisor and legal counsel.

How to Apply

Thomson, Rogers abides by the articling recruitment procedure prescribed by the Law Society of Upper Canada. A complete application includes a cover letter describing yourself, and your career goals, resume, law school  and university transcripts. References and/or reference letters are always helpful. Applications should be addressed to: Articling Student Coordinator, Thomson, Rogers, Suite 3100, 390 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 1W2 E-mail:


For more information about Articling at Thomson, Rogers, please fill out the form below and email your application to, we will contact you shortly.